Apartment Agent

Apartment Agent

What is the Apartment Agent about?

Tired of surfing the internet and all of the sites that promise the cheapest and best deals trying to really find the best fit for your needs?

We at Apartment Hotels Europe think that Google and other service providers have great and very advanced technologies. However they have not yet matched the quality of a human. A human searching the internet means work – hard work which can be quite annoying since every website tries to convince you.

This is the deal

Describe as precise as possible which kind of accommodation you need and we will start checking out the best option suited to your individual needs. We will provide you with the best deals, not only from Apartment Hotels Europe but also from other hotel booking platforms.

This is a great example of what your message should look like

William, 32

Chicago, IL
United States

“Hi guys. I will be in Berlin from the 22nd of February until 30th of May and I will be spending most of my time next to Savignyplatz since my co-working space is located on the Kantstraße right next to it. I would need at least one bedroom and one living room. The kitchen should be fully equipped and not have a tiny electric stove that takes forever to get hot. I really like to cook at home for myself and sometimes for my friends so I need a good kitchen and a nice table for dining. The apartment should not be on the ground floor because I just don’t like that ;).
It would be great if there is some sort of gym where I can work out in the building or next to it. A good connection with public transport is a must since I don’t have a car and most of my friends live in Kreuzberg so please take that into consideration as well.
My budget is max. 1000€ per month.
Thank you guys for the research and best regards

The Outcome

Give us 48 hours and once we find good matches we will send you 3 links via email. And the best part of it – our service is free of charge, you don’t even have to pay a dime!

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We’ll give you a recommendation based on your personal preferences!

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We’ll give you a recommendation based on the cheapest price!

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