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Adagio Basel City

From 130 € / Night
The Adagio Basel City is a central apartment hotel in Basel located close to the old town and the banks of the river Rhine. Make the most of your stay in Basel in the comfortable serviced apartments!

A cultural city: Apartment Hotels in Basel

Basel is Switzerland’s oldest university city situated in the northwest of Switzerland on the river Rhine. After Zürich and Geneva, it is Switzerland’s third biggest city and most important cultural center. At the same time, due to its location close to the German and French boarder, Basel has a very international flair.

Nearly 40 Museums and a large number of theatres are situated in Basel and offer visitors a great variety of cultural entertainment. One of the museums is the world famous Museum of Fine Arts, the world oldest art collection that is open to the public. Additionally the Basel Art Museum, devoted to the famous iron sculptor Jean Tinguely, the Museum of Cultures and the Fondation Beyeler (art collection of Hildy and Ernst Beyeler) are visited by a great number of visitors. If you are a fan of classical music or opera make sure to visit the opera of Basel, which was awarded the “Opera of the Year” in 2009 and 2010.

Apart from its cultural characteristics, Basel is also known to have the best weather in Switzerland. This is mainly due to its situation in the lowlands of the river Rhine, while other cities in Switzerland are located much closer to Alpine regions. Of course, this also contributes to the high quality of life residents and guests in our apartment hotels in Basel enjoy to the fullest.

Sightseeing in Basel

Guests in our apartment hotels in Basel coming for touristic purposes will love the fact that there are lots of landmarks to see in Switzerland’s cultural center. Basel is one of Switzerland’s oldest cities dating back to pre-Roman times. One of Basel’s landmarks is the Gothic cathedral (Basler Münster). It served as a former Roman fortress. Guests staying in our apartment hotels in Basel can enjoy a great view from this landmark. The Medieval Gate is another must-see if you stay in one of our apartment hotels in Basel. There are several famous churches with a big history in the city of Basel. The St. Paulus Church and the modern St. Anthony church are among these famous churches.

Another touristic landmark, apart from all the historic buildings in Basel, is the Jean Tinguely Fountain in Basel. The fountain consists of individually moving water pipes designed by the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely. It is located right next to the famous city theatre.

Doing Business in Basel

Many business travelers stay in our apartment hotels in Basel. This is mainly due to the fact the Basel is famous for its multinational companies, which are headquartered in Basel. Especially, the chemistry and pharmaceuticals industry are strong in Basel. The pharmaceuticals companies Novartis and Hoffmann-La Roche, two of the industry leaders, are headquartered in Basel. As Basel is located on the river Rhine, the harbour of Basel is also of prime importance, as it provides a gate to the north sea. Its situation on the river Rhine already made Basel an important city in the medieval age. Furthermore, Basel is one of the most important train hubs in Central Europe.

apartment hotels in Basel view from the river Rhine
Image: View on the city of Basel from the river Rhine

Restaurants in Basel

We totally understand that many guests in our apartment hotels want to go out for dinner after a long day of work or sightseeing. Due to Basel’s international flair, its restaurants have a lot to offer to guests staying in our apartment hotels in Basel. If you feel like eating out, we recommend checking out the following restaurants:

Der rostige Anker

The restaurant “Der rostige Anker” offers a simple, yet delicious cuisine. Get to know typical Swiss food and sit by the river Rhine with an amazing view on the Three-Country-Point. Even though the menu consists of a small number of plates, guests in our apartment hotels in Basel will love the cosy atmosphere of this restaurant.

Address: Hafenstrasse 25a
Telephone: +41 61 631 08 03


If you like Thai cuisine, then the restaurant Nordbahnhof is definitely a good pick. Prices are reasonable and the service is friendly. The menu follows the following saying: Not the quantity, but the quality counts. We highly recommend this restaurant to guests staying in our apartment hotels in Basel.

Address: Mülhauserstrasse 123
Telephone: +41 61 534 08 72

Doing groceries in Basel

Many guests want to prepare their favorite home-made meal in the fully equipped kitchens in one of the apartment hotels in Basel. All they need to do is get their ingredients and cook. In Basel you will find lots of supermarkets, bakeries and butchers close to our apartment hotels in Basel. You will find all the ingredients you need there. If you want to count on regional food and get in touch with locals you should definitely check out one of the farmers markets in Basel. We highly recommend visiting the city market to our guests in the apartment hotels in Basel.

The city market in Basel

If you feel like buying regional ingredients we highly recommend going to the city market to our guests in the apartment hotel in Basel. Gourmets will find specialties from the region. You can find fresh fruits, mushrooms, meat and many more ingredients on this vibrant market. The market is located on the Marktplatz right in front of the town hall of Basel. It’s open 6 days per week – from Mo  – Thu from 7 am to 2 pm and from Fr – Sat from 7 am to 6 pm.

Activities close to the apartment hotels in Basel

Both business and private travelers staying in our apartment hotels in Basel look for entertainment. In Basel they are at the right place, as this city is very vibrant and lovely. Go to one of the bars on the river Rhine or rent a bike and do some sightseeing and you will have a great day in Basel. For guests in our apartment hotels in Basel looking for specific activities we recommend doing the following things:

Boat tour along the river Rhine

Basel is located on the river rhine close to a Three-Country-Point. Many tourists staying in our apartment hotels in Basel want to discover the city of Basel and its surrounding area by boat. The Basler Personenschifffahrt offers various tours. If you feel like doing such a tour, we highly recommend visiting their website.

Three-Country-Point Museum

If you are interested in the history of the Three-Country-Point we highly recommend visiting the Three-Country-Point Museum to our guests staying in one of the apartment hotels in Basel. Entrance is only 2 € and the museum shows a detailed overview of different milestones the city of Basel and the Three-Country-Point experienced.