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Derag Livinghotel Appartements Johann Wolfgang

From 65 € / Night
The Living Hotel Appartements Johann Wolfgang is a very comfortable apartment hotel in a residential area in Frankfurt. This aparthotel hosts many long-stay guests who follow professional endeavors in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is a very popular destination especially for business travelers staying in our apartment hotels in Frankfurt. This is mainly due to the city’s role as a metropole for public and private financial institutions.

A financial metropole – apartment hotels in Frankfurt

Frankfurt/Main has always had a social and economic importance for Germany. With a population of 700.000 inhabitants, it is the fifth biggest city in Germany. The metropolitan area hosts more than 2 million people.

Frankfurt differs from other cities in terms of the way the city presents itself. Many buildings are very modern. When you enter the city by train you will spot lots of skyscrapers. Once guests in our apartment hotels in Frankfurt enter the city, they will know why the city by the river Main is often called “Mainhattan”.

However, the high-rise buildings are not only due to the city’s role as a financial center. They are also due to Frankfurt’s devastation during the second world war. Before that time, Frankfurt’s was known to be very beautiful and unique – part of it was rebuilt afterwards in order to maintain the charme of the city.

Frankfurt – a popular city among business travelers

Business travelers staying in our apartment hotels in Frankfurt will find a lot of work in Frankfurt. As already mentioned, it is known as one of the financial centres in this world and the largest of its kind in continental Europe. The European Central Bank, the central bank of the eurozone, has its headquarter there. Several other banks, such as Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, among others, also have their headquarters in Frankfurt. Furthermore, this city is home to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, one of the largest stock exchanges in the world accounting for more than 90 percent of the total turnover in the German market. Business travelers often deal with these institutions during their stay in the apartment hotels in Frankfurt.

The Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s largest trade fares, which demonstrates Frankfurt’s major importance in other sectors apart from the financial one. Check our recent blogpost on more information about the Messe Frankfurt. Due to Frankfurt’s central location within Germany and Europe, it is also one of the biggest airline hubs. This is another reason why Frankfurt has such an economic importance and is a popular destination for business travelers staying in our apartment hotels in Frankfurt.

Sightseeing close to the apartment hotels in Frankfurt

On a day off, you will also be able to discover the beauty of Frankfurt. As noted earlier, due to the bombings in the second world war, most of the old town was completely destroyed. The so-called “Römer” area was rebuilt in order to keep Frankfurt’s history alive. Part of it is still under reconstruction. This area is very popular to tourists and also forms the venue for Frankfurt’s famous christmas markets. Furthermore, a walk along the Main, the river crossing Frankfurt, guarantees extraordinary views at the skyline of Frankfurt.

Apartment Hotels in Frankfurt Skyline

Image: Skyline in Frankfurt

Eating out in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s restaurants have a lot to offer to business travelers and tourists staying in our apartment hotels in Frankfurt. You can discover regional as well as international cuisine. Most of these restaurants serve as a great meeting spot for private and business meetings. We have some recommendations for you:

Restaurant Medici

Great mediterranean cuisine with a lot of variety on the menu – this is accompanied by a great wine selection and an awesome service. The perfect spot to grab lunch or dinner for guests in our apartment hotels in Frankfurt. We highly recommend it!

Adress: Weissadlergasse 2
Tel: +49 69 219 90794
Website: Restaurant Medici


Matsuri is a great pick for those who fancy Japanese kitchen. The Apartment Hotels Europe team loves the Japanese kitchen and had a great time there. We are convinced that visitors staying in the apartment hotels in Frankfurt will feel the same. Highly recommendable!

Adress: Ulmenstrasse 1 (Westend)
Tel: +49 69 716 78 710

Doing Groceries in Frankfurt

If you feel like cooking at home in one of the apartment hotels in Frankfurt, you will find supermarkets to do your grocery on almost every corner. Here you can find all the ingredients you need. Apart from that we highly recommend our guests in the apartment hotels in Frankfurt to visit the Kleinmarkthalle in order to find special ingredients.


The Kleinmarkthalle offers an opportunity to buy regional ingredients and fruits as well as international high-quality ingredients. Get your spice, tea or cheese,  and prepare your tasty home-made meal in the kitchen of one of our apartment hotels in Frankfurt.

Address: Hasengasse 5-7

Activities close to the apartment hotels in Frankfurt

If you have a day off in Frankfurt, we highly recommend to plan activities. Frankfurt has a lot to offer to the guests staying in our apartment hotels in Frankfurt. Both business travelers and tourists will be delighted to join some of the following activities in Frankfurt:

Frankfurt on Foot Walking Tour

Frankfurt is hard to discover on one’s own, as a lot of treasures of this city are hidden. Therefore, we recommend our guests in the apartment hotels in Frankfurt to join the Frankfurt on Foot Walking Tour to discover the city properly. Even residents of Frankfurt say that this tour gave them new insights about their city. Prices for daily tours are around 12 € (adults)

Address: Braubachstrasse 6
Website: Frankfurt on Foot

Escape Events

Escape Events offers so-called “Exit the Room” Games. Your challenge is to leave the room within 60 minutes. Find some hints and use your creativity to exit the room. This can also be a good activity with colleagues or fellow travelers staying in one of the apartment hotels in Frankfurt, as this challenge involves collaboration. Thus, the “Exit the Room” events will have a teambuilding character.

Address: Hanauer Landstrasse 205
Website: Escape Events

Visit of the Botanical Garden/Palmengarten in Frankfurt

After a tough week at work or some days of sightseeing, business travelers and tourists staying in our apartment hotels in Frankfurt should visit the botanical garden. The best thing about the centrally located Palmengarten in Frankfurt is the great diversity of residential and exotic plants. On a sunny day, the botanical garden offer great opportunities to relax and take a break. The glass house in the Palmengarten is another highlight.

Address: Siesmayerstraße 72
Website: Botanic Garden