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Apartment Hotels in Vienna

Adagio Vienna City

From 72 € / Night
The Adagio Vienna City is a very central apartment hotel in Vienna. Its central location at the edge of Vienna’s old town makes it easy for you to move around the city. Make the most out of your stay in the apartment hotels in Vienna!
Derag Livinghotel An Der Oper

From 139 € / Night
The Living Hotel An der Oper is a very central apartment hotel in the heart of Vienna. Its close location to the Opera in Vienna and the Stephansplatz and the modernly equipped apartments will make your stay in Vienna a great one!
Derag Livinghotel Kaiser Franz Joseph

From 43 € / Night
The Living Hotel Kaiser Franz Joseph is an apartment hotel in Vienna located in the embassy district of Vienna. The friendly rooms and apartments as well as its location close to the traditional Heuriger will make your stay in Vienna an amazing one!

Vienna is well known to tourists staying in our apartment hotels in Vienna due to its strong history. A beautiful mix between city life and idyllic green parks as well as beautiful sights make it a very attractive destination for a city trip. Still, Vienna is also an important business location. Business travelers staying in our apartment hotels in Vienna will find lots of national and multinational companies in various industries.

A historic and livable city: Apartment Hotels in Vienna

Vienna has it all – a historic city center, green parks, wineyards and an interesting history. Six consecutive times Vienna has been awarded the best place to live and surpassed cities in Switzerland, Denmark and the US. Vienna’s great coffee, its low crime level, the great public transport system and also its green areas make it a very livable city indeed. And that’s not only a benefit to Vienna’s residents, but also to the visitors staying in our apartment hotels in Vienna.

Vienna has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing. The city center is full of fantastic, historic buildings, which date back to the reign of the Habsburgers. For example, if you stand on Vienna’s Heldplatz (Heroe’s Square), you’ll be able to enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view, which has not changed in more than 200 years. Guests in our apartment hotels in Vienna find themselves on the traces of Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Sissi during a visit of the Castle of Schoenbrunn and enjoy a wonderful view at the castle from the Gloriette. Apart from Vienna’s historic sights, it is a city that attracts a lot of young people too. The Museumsquartier with its several bars serves as a meeting point for many young people. But also the bars along the river danube and the danube channel offer a lot to young people.

Business travelers in Vienna

One must note that Vienna has also gained a lot of foothold as a business city. Thus, business travelers staying in our apartment hotels in Vienna will be confronted with ambitious companies and productive meetings. Vienna is known as the door to Central and Eastern Europe, which is why banks, such as Bank Austria, Raiffeissen or Erste Bank or the construction group STRABAG and the oil company OMV, have set up their headquarters in Vienna. These multinational companies conduct a lot of business in Eastern Europe.  Austria as an export country profits a lot from Vienna’s role as the gate to CEE (Central and Eastern European) countries.

Furthermore, the neutral function of Austria converts Vienna into an important diplomatic city. The UNO established its third office in Vienna in 1980. Other important diplomatic organizations, such as the OSCE, have their headquarter in Vienna. Furthermore, visitors of our apartment hotels in Vienna might have also heard that Vienna served as the hosting city for the Nuclear Security Summit in 2015.

Marvelous surroundings of the city of Vienna

But not only the city, but also surrounding areas have a lot to offer. The mountain Semmering is less than a 1,5 hours drive away and serves as the perfect opportunity to spend a day on ski slopes or hiking. Furthermore, in spring and summer you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Wachau along the river danube. The wineyards in the Wienerwald area are also a nice attraction. Furthermore, located next to the river danube, the New Danube and the Old Danube invite guests in our apartment hotels in Vienna to take a swim during the hot summers of Vienna. The personell in the apartment hotels in Vienna is happy to help you with planning your trip to Vienna’s surrounding areas.

Hofburg, Heldenplatz, close to the apartment hotels in Vienna

Image: The impressive Hofburg on the Heldenplatz (engl. Heroe’s Square)

Restaurants in Vienna

We understand that many guests in our apartment hotels in Vienna sometimes want to go out for dinner. Vienna’s restaurants have a lot to offer. You can discover local as well as international cuisine. We have some recommendations for guests staying in our apartment hotels in Vienna:


Figlmüller is the showpiece restaurant for Wiener Schnitzel. In this restaurant the Schnitzel are as big as the plate and is served with a tasty potatoe salad. We highly recommend it to all our guests staying in our central apartment hotels in Vienna!

Adress: Wollzeile 5
Metro Stop: Stubentor
Tel: +43 1 512 61 77
Check out Figlmüller’s Website for further infos


This is one of the best Viennese gourmet restaurants. If guests in our apartment hotels in Vienna want to eat out in style, Steirereck is the place to go. The restaurant offers daily menus but also dishes a la carte.

Adress: Heumarkt 2A/Stadtpark
Metro Stop: Stadtpark
Tel: +43 1 713 31 68
For further infos check out Steirereck’s website

Further restaurants in Vienna

For further infos on Vienna’s restaurants located in close vicinity to your apartment hotels in Vienna check out our following blogpost: Great places to eat in Vienna

Doing Groceries in Vienna

Our apartment hotels in Vienna offer its guests the opportunity to prepare their home made meal in the fully equipped kitchens in the apartments. All you need to do is buy the ingredients and cook. Multiple grocery stores exist in Vienna, almost on each corner – from big supermarket chains to smaller one-person supermarkets. Bakeries and butchers also have a big tradition. However, Vienna is also very well known for its markets. This is why we want to present the markets to guests staying in the apartment hotels in Vienna


If you want to check out a market, we definitely recommend to go to the Naschmarkt (metro Kettenbrückengasse – U4). Lots of local & international food is offered there – from fruits to meat. If you want to check out international ingredients the Brunnenmarkt (metro Josefstädter Straße – U6) is the place to go, which is home to stands of many former Yugoslavian sellers.

Activities close to the apartment hotels in Vienna

Guests in our apartment hotels in Vienna often feel the need to make the most out of their stay. Vienna definitely offers them the opportunity to do so, as many events take place on a daily basis and lots of activities can be planned. We have some recommendations for you:

Swimming in Summer

In summer, temperatures may reach up to 38 °C. It’s time to take a swim for our guests in the apartment hotels in Vienna. Luckily Vienna has a lot of places to take a swim. We highly recommend to go to the Donauinsel (Island of the Danube), which splits the river Danube in half. Near by the metro stop Alte Donau guests in our apartment hotels in Vienna can rent paddleboats and take a swim in a very nice athmosphere.

For further infos check the website of the Viennese government

Outdoor activities

Vienna’s west is surrounded by hills (the so-called Wienerwald), which are perfectly suited for hiking and mountainbiking. Guests in our apartment hotels in Vienna can even enjoy local wine near by the numerous wineyards. These activities can be done from spring to autumn, where the forrest shows its outstanding beauty.

For further infos check the website of the Viennese government

Christmas markets

During christmas Vienna is converted into a very romantic city. Guests in our apartment hotels in Vienna will love the numerous stands, which offer souvenirs, the famous Punsch and glühwine. Check out this blogpost to get to know the famous christmas markets in Vienna!