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Apartment Hotels in Dusseldorf

Derag Livinghotel De Medici

From 176 € / Night
The Living Hotel De Medici is a very luxurious apartment hotel in Dusseldorf located in the heart of Dusseldorf’s old town. Next to marvelous apartments, this aparthotel also hosts its own art gallery.
Derag Livinghotel Düsseldorf

From 52 € / Night
The Living Hotel Dusseldorf is a comfortable apartment hotel in Dusseldorf. Due to its location in the historic center of Dusseldorf this apartment hotel is perfect for both tourists and business travelers.

Dusseldorf is known to be a great destination for long-stay and short-stay guests in the apartment hotels in Dusseldorf. The city offers a vibrant life both in terms of activities and business.

Apartment hotels in the middle of Dusseldorf’s historic old town

Dusseldorf is the capital of the German state Northrhine Westphalia and the centre of the Ruhr metropolitan region with a population of 11 million people. Dusseldorf is known for its academy of fine arts and for its relatively high share of Japanese in its population. The touristical hotspot of Dusseldorf is its old town. Guests in our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf will love to go for a drink or eat outiside in one of the numberous bars and restaurants. Lots of museums are also located in the old town and, thus, in the surroundings of the apartment hotels in Dusseldorf. The same accounts for various churches, such as the St. Lambertus church (see image below), and the opera. The harbour Medienhafen and the Rhine embankment promenade are further highlights of the city.

Dusseldorf – a popular city to business travelers

Dusseldorf is also known as an important financial and business centre. The city is home to five Fortune 500 firms and several DAX listed companies. In the arena of Consulting and Audit, Dusseldorf is the most important city in terms of turnover in Germany. Furthermore, it is known for its banking sector and fashion companies. The Messe Dusseldorf is one of the biggest trade fairs in the world. It claims to organize almost 20 percent of the world’s premium trade fares. Business travelers staying in the apartment hotels in Dusseldorf regularly attend trade fairs on the Messe Dusseldorf.

Carnival and Christmas Market: special events in Dusseldorf

Many people stay in our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf during the carnival season. Carnival is also of prime importance in Dusseldorf. In the month of Febuary the city shows a completely different face every year. People dress up, go to the parades on the streets and celebrate their “fifth season of the year”. If you are a guest in one of the apartment hotels in Dusseldorf, this can be a very fun experience, as you will easily get in touch with the locals. If you want to read more about the fifth season of the year, we highly recommend reading our blogpost about the carnival in Dusseldorf.

The christmas market in Dusseldorf is one of a very special kind and known for its charming atmosphere. It is located in the heart of the old town in Dusseldorf, close to the promenade of the river Rhine. Business travelers and tourists staying in our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf during christmas time must not miss the occasion of visiting the beautiful christmas market.

Lambertus Church close to the apartment hotels in Dusseldorf

St. Lambertus Church in the Old Town of Dusseldorf

Apartment Hotels in Dusseldorf

Apartment Hotels Europe has two aparthotels in Dusseldorf offered on its platform. These apartment hotels in Dusseldorf are modern. Serviced apartments mostly come with with kitchen or kitchenette. Both apartment hotels in Dusseldorf are located in the city center/old town, which ensures short distances and a great infrastructure. Click the following link to check out our featured apartment hotel:

Eating out in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf’s restaurants have a lot to offer. Guests in our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf have the option to discover regional as well as international cuisine. We have some recommendations for you:

Andrej’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant

A great restaurant for seafood aficionados. The mediterranean dishes on the menu are of high-quality and you even have the opportunity to try oysters. We highly recommend Andrej’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant.

Adress: Luegallee 132
Tel: +49 211 93890078
Website: Andrej’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant

Im Schiffchen

This restaurant serves great French and Italian cuisine in an amazing atmosphere. This restaurant is especially suitable for business events. Highly recommendable!

Adress: Kaiserwerther Markt 9
Tel: +49 211 401050
Website: Im Schiffchen

Doing Groceries in Dusseldorf

If you want to get your ingredients for a home-made meal in your apartment hotel in Dusseldorf, you can visit one of the numerous supermarkets in Dusseldorf. However, we want to highlight the market Carlsplatz, which is located in the city center.

Carlsplatz Market

The Carlsplatz Market is located between the Carlsplatz and the Benrather Strasse in close vicinity to our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf. You will find lots of stands offering various national and international specialities on this market. The Carlsplatz Market evolved to one of Dusseldorf’s hotspots over the course of the last couple of years and is deemed as one of the few “institutions” of the city. From cheese to fruits, from bread to wine – here you can find anything you need for your self-made dinner in your apartment hotel in Dusseldorf.

Activities close to the apartment hotels in Dusseldorf

Visit the city of Cologne

Dusseldorf and Cologne are only 40 kilometres away from each other. The trains from Dusseldorf to Cologne only take 30 minutes and on a day off visiting Cologne can be a great idea. Cologne offers a lot of touristic landmarks, such as the famous Cathedral of Cologne, and, consequently, is a great city for sightseeing. If you have the chance to take a day off during your stay in one of the apartment hotels in Dusseldorf, we highly recommend to visit Cologne.

Carnival in Dusseldorf

It can be a great experience for guests staying in our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf to join the Carnival in Dusseldorf in February. People open up, dress up and have a great time celebrating on the streets of Dusseldorf. Usually this is a highlight for lots of tourists staying in our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf. For more information visit the carnival’s website or read our blogpost about the carnival in Dusseldorf & Cologne.

Christmas market in Dusseldorf

At the end of year the christmas market in the old town of Dusseldorf spreads the christmas spirit over the whole city. Guests staying in our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf in December should grasp the opportunity and visit the christmas market. If you come with your family to our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf, your children will love the fact that Dusseldorf is converted into a city of fairy tales during this season. Little stands on the christmas market in Dusseldorf offer drinks and souvenirs.