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Adagio Monaco Palais Joséphine

From 82 € / Night
The Adagio Monaco Palais Joséphine is an apartment hotel in Monaco. It is located next to the city centre, the convention centre as well as the casinos. Enjoy the majestic beauty of Monaco in a very special manner!


Monaco – luxury and glemma

Monaco – the second smallest state after the Vatican, located on the southeast of France and the gates of Italy, on the famous Côte d’Azur – is a citystate that you will for sure not forget.

For more than 700 years now, Monaco is the stronghold of the Grimaldi family. In 1297, a François Grimaldi, disguised as a monk, seized the castle and in 1331 Charles Grimaldi I. became the first Lord of “the Rock”. The Rock of Monaco is a 141 metres tall monolith that overlooks Monaco and it’s port. At the beginning of the Grimaldi dynasty “the rock” was the centre of the principality were one can now find Monaco’s old town. The Rock of Monaco is a famous and popular tourist attraction guests in our apartment hotels in Monaco should not miss while visiting Monaco.

The city is especially home to rich and famous people. More than fifty per cent of the around 37 000 inhabitants are millionairs coming from more than 120 countries in the world. With only 7000 inhabitans having an Monegasque passport one can imagine the diverese and international society that lives in Monaco. Due to Monaco’s and it’s citizens wealth, guests in our listed apartment hotels in Monaco must have a look at the magnificent port, where one yacht is more beautiful than the other

Sightseeing in Monaco

Monaco offers a great cultural program, that enjoys within and outside the region much popularity. The royal house is very commited in supporting the cultural scene and promoting young artists. Each year the royal house awards artists in a great variety of cultural areas and discplines with prizes as well as with funding. We highly recommend to guests in our listed apartment hotels in Monaco to visit the 130 year old Opera of Monte Carlo and see the philharmonic orchestra.

Events close to the apartment hotels in Monaco

Monaco is also home to some events and festivals, which are famous around the globe: the Monte Carlo Television Festival and the Circus Festival as well as the famous sports events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco the Monte Carlo Rally and the Monte-Carlo Rolex tennis Masters. Monaco is also home to one of the best European football teams, AS Monaco, which is competing in the French league, ending up second in the 2013/14 season.

View on the apartment hotels in Monaco
Image: View on Monaco

Restaurants in Monaco

Even though the fully equipped kitchens invite guests in our featured apartment hotels in Monaco to prepare their favorite meals in their home away from home, some guests may also want to go out for dinner. Many exquisite restaurants are located in Monaco. We have some recommendations for our guests in Monaco.

Le Vistamar

The restaurant Le Vistamar in Monaco offers asian and mediterranean cuisine. The combined dishes taste deliciously and are worth every penny. We highly recommend guests in our apartment hotels in Monaco to visit this restaurant.

Adress: Square Beaumarchais
Tel: +377 98 06 98 98
Website: Le Vistamar


If you want to try authentic French cuisine then the restaurant L’Hirondelle in Monaco is the right pick. The dishes are presented in an amazing way and taste deliciously. Furthermore, the restaurant offers a great view on Monaco’s harbour. Guests of our listed apartment hotels in Monaco will receive a very warm welcome in L’Hirondelle.

Adress: 2, avenue de Monte-Carlo
Tel: +377 98 06 69 30
Website: L’Hirondelle

Doing Groceries in Monaco

If you plan on cooking your self-made food in the kitchens of our apartment hotels in Monaco, you will have the opportunity to buy all the ingredients in one of the numerous supermarkets in the citystate. You can find any ingredient you are looking for. If you feel like to check out local ingredients, we highly recommend our guests in the apartment hotels in Monaco to go to one of the markets in Monaco.

Marché de la Condamine

Located on Place d’Armes, the Marché de la Condamine offers fruits and vegetables in the outdoor area. In the indoor area of the market guests in our apartment hotels in Monaco can check out the butchery, the fishmonger and a bakery.

Marché de Monte-Carlo

The Marché de Monte Carlo is located on ave St-Charles and is a farmers market. Open daily from 6am to 2pm, this market offers fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, etc. If you feel like buying regional ingredients for your home-made meal, the the Marché de Monte-Carlo is definitely a great pick. We wish a lot of fun preparing your home-made meal in the kitchens of our apartment hotels in Monaco!

Activities in Monaco

Monaco is the city of the rich and the famous. Therefore, many events are hosted in Monaco. Guests in our apartment hotels in Monaco will find many activities in Monaco. We will present two special activities to you:

Grand Prix of Monaco

The Grand Prix of Monaco is one of most spectacular Formula 1 races in the world. During the Formula 1 weekend in Monaco the streets of Monaco are converted into a race circuit. The drivers on the podium are traditionally awarded by Baron Albert. If you have the chance to join the Grand Prix of Monaco, definitely stay at one of our luxurious apartment hotels in Monaco.

Climbing or Cycling the Rock of Monaco

The Rock of Monaco is the citystate’s landmark. Many guests of our apartment hotels in Monaco already cycled up the Rock of Monaco. You can also do a hike and climb the Rock. From the top you can enjoy great views on the citystate, the impressive harbour of Monaco and on the sea. We highly recommend visitors of our listed apartment hotels in Monaco to check out the Rock of Monaco during their stay in Monaco.