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Adagio Strasbourg Place Kléber

From 84 € / Night
The Adagio Strasbourg Place Kléber is a very central apartment hotel in Strasbourg. The modernly equipped rooms and spacious apartments with kitchen will make you feel home. Make the most out of your stay in our apartment hotels in Strasbourg!

A historic  & political city: Apartment Hotels in Strasbourg

With its more than two thousand year old history,  Strasbourg has evolved from a former vibrant commercial city into, next to Brussels, one of the capital cities of Europe.

Strasbourg is a beautiful city that has many qualities and much to offer. The city is young, dynamic, ecological and tolerant. The city accommodates many European institutions, such as the European Parliament and the Council Of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights. The International Institute of Human Rights is also situated in Strasbourg, mostly situated in the “European Quarter” near the Orangerie Park on the banks of the Ill. The values shared among these institutions are also an important part of the city, as the core values of democracy and linguistic diversity enriches everyone’s life. Strasbourg is home to many thinkers, poets and cultural workers and also hosts great universities that attract young people from all around the world through its high reputations.

Sightseeing close to the apartment hotels in Strasbourg

To experience Strasbourg at its best we recommend to our guests in the apartment hotels in Strasbourg to explore the city by foot. You will pass Strasbourg’s most beautiful sights and its old town through that manner. From the Ancienne Douane, the old customs house on the Ill, to the famous Strasbourg Cathedral with is Cathedral Square, from the beautiful richly decorated half-timbered building Maison Kammerzell, to the beautiful former district “Petite France” with its stunning half-timbered houses next to the Ill and its picturesque bridges (Ponts Couverts): everything is close by and in walking distance from our apartment hotels in Strasbourg. While walking through the city and exploring all the sights, make sure to stop by at at least one of the many small and delicious cafes. This way you will experience the calm side of the city despite its economic and political characteristics.

If guests in our apartment hotels in Strasbourg don’t feel like walking the whole day, they should rent a bike! Strasbourg has excellent cycle paths that will help you explore the city safely. You are not just faster, but can also explore some of the nice parks situated in Strasbourg. This can be especially relaxing for guest in our apartment hotels in Strasbourg coming for business rather than private purposes. The green parks make you calm down and get a relaxed feeling and they even give you the opportunity to do sports and exercise a bit.

Apartment Hotels in Strasbourg channel

Image: Neat houses along the channels of Strasbourg

Restaurants in Strasbourg

We understand that sometimes you prefer eating out over cooking yourself in the kitchen of one of our apartment hotels in Strasbourg. We especially experienced this behavior with guests in our apartment hotels in Strasbourg who had a long day of sightseeing or an exhausting day of work. Strasbourg’s restaurants have a lot to offer. Due to its location and international society you can discover local as well as international cuisine. Many restaurants also offer the opportunity to meet up with fellow colleagues. Therefore, we have some recommendations for guests staying in our apartment hotels in Strasbourg:

L’Ancienne Douane

This restaurant offers an amazing atmosphere, as it is located right by the beautiful channels of Strasbourg. The original building has been built in the 14th century, but had to be rebuilt several times. Still, the building maintains its charme. The restaurant offers a great variety of food and set menus. Both meat lovers and vegetarians will love the delicious dishes and its special atmosphere.

Adress: 6 rue de la douane
Tel: +33 3 88 15 78 78

El Pimiento

Many guests in our apartment hotels in Strasbourg are fans of the Spanish cusuine! If you are one too, then El Pimiento is definitely a good pick. The place is known for its delicious tapas and its tasty drinks. This is the reason why this restaurant can also be an awesome option if you just want to get a small plate before heading back to one of the apartment hotels in Strasbourg. The good thing about this restaurant is that it is located in the center of the town.

Adress: 52 Rue de Jeu de Enfants
Tel: +33 3 88 21 94 52

Doing Groceries in Strasbourg

Many guests in our apartment hotels in Strasbourg grasp the opportunity and prepare their favorite home-made meal in their apartment. Most of the serviced apartments come with fully equipped kitchens that allow you to do so. All you have to do is buy your ingredients of choice and cook. But where do guests in our aparthotels get their ingredients? There are numerous supermarkets, bakeries, grocery stores or butchers close to our apartment hotels in Strasbourg. If you want to get in touch with locals and buy regional food, you should check out the markets in Strasbourg. We recommend the following market to our guests in the apartment hotels in Strasbourg:

La Nouvelle Douane

This farmers market is located Rue du Vieux Marché in the city center of Strasbourg. The market is open daily and offers a great variety of food, ranging from meat to fruits, vegetables, spices, etc. Whenever you want to get fresh ingredients for your home-made meal in the kitchens of our apartment hotels in Strasbourg, you should go to this market. Its central location also provides a special atmosphere, as the market is embedded in the old town of Strasbourg. For more information check out the official website of La Nouvelle Douane.

Activities close to the apartment hotels in Strasbourg

Tourists staying in our apartment hotels in Strasbourg will have a great time planning their activities and doing sightseeing in Strasbourg. There are also many people coming to Strasbourg for professional purposes. We are aware of the fact that these people also want to experience the city in a special manner during their stay in the apartment hotels in Strasbourg. This is the reason why we recommend the following activities in Strasbourg:

Boat & Train Cruise

A cruise on the River Ill is absolutely worth doing, as the river surrounds the old town, which enables you to view Strasbourg from a completely different angle. Additionally it is possible to book a 45 minutes moderated mini train tour through Strasbourg’s old town (leaving from Place du Chateau).

For further informations check out the website of the Strasbourg Tourism Center

Christmas Market

The Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik is the oldest christmas market in France and one of the nicest in Europe. A visit of this market during Advent will leave a special experience behind, and is thus highly recommended.