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Adagio Marseille Prado Plage

From 53 € / Night
The Aparthotel Adagio Marseille Prado Plage is a very cosy apartment hotel in Marseille. It is located closely to the beach, the convention center and the business district and is therefore perfectly suitable for your business trip, vacation or family holiday.


Marseille – the European City of Culture of 2013

Marseille, the European capital of Culture of 2013, is France’s second largest city. Founded more than 2600 years ago by Greek sailers Marseille evolved to the most important trade center of the region and one of the most important cities of the French Empire. Located on the south coast of France, Marseille is the capital of the famous Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

Today, Marseille is still home of France’ most important port, the Marseille-Fos Port. Just like in the old days, guests in our apartment hotels in Marseille can enjoy fresh-off-the-boat catches, which are sold on the local fishmarkets early in the morning. The beautiful old port, the Vieux-Port, where private sailers and yardowners park their boats, is home to delicious restaurants and bars. A walk in the evening on a cosy summer day will give guests in our apartment hotels in Marseille goosebumps and a memorable experience.

Sightseeing close to the apartment hotels in Marseille

Next to the romantic port and old town, Marseille is full of famous sightseeing spots and museums. Many tourists come to our apartment hotels in Marseille to do sightseeing in Marseille In 2013 Marseille was the Euroepean Capital of Culture and hostet more than 900 cultural events troughout the year with more than 11 million visits. When visitng our apartment hotels in Marseille make sure to visit the the old lighthouse Phare de Sainte Marie, La Vieille Charité, the Palais de la Bourse and famous museums such as the Musée des beaux-arts de Marseille, the Natural History Museum, the Grobet-Labadié museum as well as the in 2013 opened MuCEM museum designed by Rudy Ricciotti.

Marseille definitely has it’s own athmosphere. Due to the immigration flows after the second World War and the Algerian war, Marseille evolved into an open-minded multicultural city. It hosts markets and restaurants with delicacies from all around the world. You will definitely also welcome the warm and open-minded atmosphere in our apartment hotels in Marseille. Additionally, if you are a fan of fish-soups you will definitely enjoy Marseille, as Marseille is also known to be home of the best Bouillabaisse in the world.

Apartment Hotels Europe Marseille Cathedral and MuCEM musuem
Image: Marseille Cathedral and the MuCEM museum

Restaurants in Marseille

It is true that you can cook your favorite meal yourself in many serviced apartments of our listed apartment hotels in Marseille. However, after a long day of work or an impressive day of sightseeing you may want to enjoy a great restaurant. Marseille has lots of great restaurants. Here are some recommendations

Le Bistro d’Edouard

Edouard’s Bistro is a very authentic restaurant in Marseille. Guests in our apartment hotels in Marseille should check this restaurant if they want to taste the culinary identity of Marseille – the mediterranean cuisine. Tapas, Spanish ham, poutargue (cured frish rue) and many more dishes are listed on the menu. The average price a la carte is 35 €. We highly recommend this restaurant!

Adress:  150 Rue Jean Mermoz
Metro Stop: Rond Point du Prado
Tel: +33 4 9171 1652

Le Café des Épices

Le Café des Épices is one of the first bistros in Marseille. Before it opened in 2004, there was no real Bistro culture in Marseille. Today it is one of the city’s most famous restaurants and serves authentic mediterranean dishes in a very neat & authentic atmosphere. We highly recommend guests in our apartment hotels in Marseille to go there.

Adress: 4 rue du Lacydon
Metro Stop:
Tel: +33 4 91 91 22 69


Doing Groceries in Marseille

We also know for a fact that many guests in our listed apartment hotels in Marseille grasp the opportunity to prepare their favorite meal in the fully equipped kitchens of their apartments themselves. Lots of bakeries and supermarkets are located in the city and make it easy to organize all the necessary ingredients. However, if you want to pay attention to the origin of your ingredients and get in contact with local food and people, we highly recommend visiting the markets in Marseille.

Marché aux Poissons

The Marché aux Poissons is a fish market near the old port of Marseille. It is deemed one of the few institutions of Marseille. You can get various types of fish here. If you want to try the famous fish soup bouillabaisse or even cook one yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to buy all the ingredients at this market.

Saint Viktor Market

On the southside of the old port you will find the Saint Viktor Market. It is known to sell lots of specialties from the region, such as cheese, ham, coffee, wine and sellfish. We highly recommend our guests in the apartment hotels in Marseille to go there to make sure to get the right ingredients for their home-made meals.

Activities in Marseille

Marseille is a very lively and multicultural city. Whether you want to do sightseeing in Marseille or go for a drink at night, there is always something to do in this city. We know for a fact that many guests in the apartment hotels in Marseille also love to explore Marseille’s beautiful surrounding area – the Provence!

Provence Wine Tour

The Provence Wine Tour can be a very rewarding experience for wine lovers. The organized tours include bus transports and wine tastings and can be booked for half a day (69€) or for a full day (98€). Next to the great wineyards, which are located in the Provence, you will also be able to enjoy the nature in this area. We highly recommend our guests in the apartment hotels in Marseille to grasp the opportunity to do such a tour. For more information check out

A day at the beach

Many guests in our apartment hotels do not consider Marseille for a typical beach holiday. But especially business travelers who look for relaxing activities on weekends love to spend a day at the beach. Marseille has some nice beaches in the surrounding area of the city. For example, the Prado Beach is very closely located to our liste apartment hotel Adagio Marseille Prado Plage.