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Das Grüne Hotel zur Post Salzburg

From 26 € / Night
The aparthotel “Das Grüne Hotel zur Post” is located in the heart of Salzburg and perfectly suitable for both private and business travelers.

Salzburg is known to be a great city. Surrounded by the alps and consisting of many beautiful sights, the Austrian city has everything it takes. Both business travelers as well as families and individual tourists staying in our apartment hotels in Salzburg love the city’s charm and its great scenery.

Mozart’s birthplace

Austria is known to be home to many former musicians. Classical music has a very high importance in this city. This is the reason why the New Years Concert is hosted by the Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra year by year. Salzburg is home to one of the most important classic componists – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. When walking through the beautiful Old Town of Salzburg, guests in our apartment hotels in Salzburg will realize that Mozart is still present in the city’s spirit. The biggest square in the Old Town is literally called “Mozart Square”. Not far from the Mozart Square guests staying in our apartment hotels in Salzburg can also visit Mozart’s birthplace. The Salzburg Festival, which takes place year by year, is another prime expample why Salzburg can be deemed one of the centers for classical music.

Sightseeing close to the apartment hotels in Salzburg

Our apartment hotels in Salzburg are located in the heart of the city. That makes it very easy for you to do sightseeing in this beautiful city. Make sure to check out the Mozart Square and walk through the Getreidegasse. Furthermore, the castle Hohensalzburg is a must see as you will be able to spot a great view above the city. Furthermore, make sure to check out the beautiful side streets in the old town. Lots of hidden treasures are located there. A few meters outside of the old town of Salzburg you will also find the Mirabell Palace and its beautiful gardens.

Business travelers staying in the apartment hotels in Salzburg

Although Salzburg is not the biggest city, business travelers, who stay in our apartment hotels in Salzburg, will realize that there’s lots of business to do in Salzburg. For example, Red Bull has its headquarter in the surrounding area of the town and is known for its close connectedness to Salzburg. Furthermore, due to its picturesque character, Salzburg is also known for its many team-building facilities. Many companies come here to do workshops and hold seminars. Furthermore, trade fairs in Salzburg are also very well known. Therefore, business travelers staying in the apartment hotels in Salzburg will gain lots of inspiration from their business trip to Salzburg.

apartment hotels in Salzburg

Image: View on the Old Town of Salzburg and Castle Hohensalzburg

Restaurants in Salzburg

Many guests enjoy preparing their home-made meal in the fully equipped kitchens of our listed apartment hotels in Salzburg. However, it is totally understandable that after a long day of sightseeing or work, many people prefer eating out in one of the delicious restaurants in Salzburg. Salzburg offers a very authentic cuisine. Salzburger Nockerl, a sweet souffle served for dessert, is an example of a traditional dish from Salzburg.

In order to make sure that you will check out the right restaurant, we have some recommendations to our guests in the apartment hotels in Salzburg:

Mülln Bräu

The “Augustiner Bräu zu Salzburg Mülln” in the Mülln quarter is very well known to both residents and visitors of Salzburg. It is located only a few minutes away from the Old Town of Salzburg. The Mülln Bräu offers a beer-garden atmosphere, as known from the numerous beer gardens in Munich. The great thing about the Mülln Bräu is that you can get many local delicacies in small portions from different stands. That’s the reason why guests in our apartment hotels in Salzburg will have the opportunity to try several local specialties. Many people claim that that the beer brewed in the Mülln Bräu is the best of the German speaking countries. Make sure to check out yourself whether this is true or not!

Address: Lindhofstr. 7, 5020 Salzburg
Telephone: +43662431 246
Website: Augustiner Bräu zu Mülln

 Organic Pizza

If you want to go for a delicious pizza, you should check out a pizza of a different kind – the Organic Pizza. The neat restaurant prepares its pizzas strictly with organic ingredients. Many guests in our apartment hotels in Salzburg claimed to have eaten the best pizza in this restaurant. As the restaurant is well visited and does not offer lots of space, we highly recommend booking a table in advance if you plan on eating out during the evening.

Address: Franz Josef Strasse 24A, 5020 Salzburg
Telephone: +436607266306
Facebook: Organic Pizza Salzburg

Doing Groceries near the apartment hotels in Salzburg

If you feel like cooking in the fully equipped kitchens of the apartment hotels in Salzburg, you can easily do so. There are lots of grocery stores, such as Billa, Spar, Hofer, etc., spread around the town. Also many bakeries are present. If you particularly want to buy ingredients from the region, we highly recommend visiting the Schrannenmarkt close to the Mirabell Palace.

Schrannenmarkt on the Mirabellplatz

The Schrannenmarkt in Salzburg opens up its stands every Thursday from 5am to 1pm. Farmers sell their regional products for a very fair prices. You can get regional meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables. The Schrannenmarkt can be deemed an institution of Salzburg. Next to the Naschmarkt and Brunnenmarkt in Vienna it is one of the biggest markets in Austria.

Address: Ändräkirche/Mirabellplatz

Activities in and around Salzburg

Many activities can be planned in an around Salzburg. In order to make sure that your stay in one of our apartment hotels in Salzburg is a beautiful one, we have some suggestions:

Visit of the Hangar 7

Red Bull hosts its own hangar on Salzburg Airport – the so-called Hangar 7. Hangar 7 can be seen as a museum for all the spectacular sportive disciplines Red Bull is supporting. You will be able to see Formula One cars, helicopters, airplanes and many more things. Every now and then, events are also hosted at Hangar 7. The restaurant Ikarus is also located in this venue. The special thing about the restaurant Ikarus is that each month another star chef will cook delicious dishes for the guests in the Hangar 7. General Admission is free and you can easily reach the Hangar 7 by bus (lines 2, 10, 27) or car. For more infos, make sure to check out the Hangar 7 website.

Salzburg Festival

The Salzburg Festival is well known for its high quality performances in the arena of operas, theatre performances and concerts. The Whitsun Festival takes place from May 13th to May 16th 2016. The Salzburg Festival itself will take place from July 22nd to August 31st 2016. Guests in our apartment hotels in Salzburg, who are into the art of classical music, will more than enjoy their stay in Salzburg during the festival time. For more infos on the program and timetables please check the official website of the Salzburg Festival.