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Adagio Toulouse Parthénon

From 123 € / Night
The Adagio Toulouse Parthénon is a central apartment hotel in Toulouse located close to the old town. Discover the best sights in Toulouse from this aparthotel or reach the most important business centers in no time!

Toulouse: a city of exceptional beauty

When tourists think of France they mostly think of Paris, Nice or Bordeaux. Toulouse is often overlooked, even though this city is exceptionally beautiful. More than 450.000 people live in the city of Toulouse making it the fourth biggest city in France. Toulouse is also the capital of the region Midi-Pyrénées. Locals and guests in our apartment hotels in Toulouse know the city as La Ville Rose (the pink city). This is mainly due to the fact that pink bricks of stones were used to build most buildings. This characteristic gives the city of Toulouse a very distinctive atmosphere, which man people staying in our apartment hotels in Toulouse enjoy to a full extent.

Sightseeing near the apartment hotels in Toulouse

Toulouse is great for tourists as there are many sights to see. The best thing about sightseeing in Toulouse: guests in our central apartment hotels can do most of the sightseeing on foot giving them a lot of flexibility. This is mainly due to Toulouse’s characteristic as a country town rather than a big city. Our guests in the apartment hotels in Toulouse can dive into a very scenic and very French city. Many people compare Toulouse as a smaller and cheaper version of Paris, with lots of cultural sights and majestic buildings.

As already mentioned, people staying in our apartment hotels in Toulouse should discover the old town on foot. The Place du Capitole is one of the city’s landmarks and lets you travel back to the past. Toulouse became quite a rich city due to its trading activities during the 16th century, which is visible on the Place du Capitole. Next to many historic buildings, the guests in our apartment hotels in Toulouse will find the beautiful opera house and the townhall there. Another important sight to see is the Hotel d’Assezat, which is one of the most historic buildings in town and now hosts an art collection. Unfortunately, lots of these art collections are not accessible for the public. Still, the historic facade of the building makes it worth a visit.

If you are interested in historic churches, discover them in our apartment hotels in Toulouse. Toulouse is full of different churches. The Basilique St. Sernin, which was built in the 11th and 12th century is one of the most famous ones in Toulouse. Its style resembles the one from other historic buildings, as pink bricks were used to construct this church. Today the church is deemed one of France’s prime examples of Romanesque churches. We highly recommend a visit of this church to everyone staying in our apartment hotels in Toulouse.

Toulouse: Located by the river Garonne

Toulouse’s location along the river Garonne gives its inhabitants and guests in its apartment hotels in Toulouse a high quality of life. On a hot summer day there is nothing better than relaxing on the riverside. Fancy foodstands pop up on these beautiful days in Toulouse. Everyone staying in our apartment hotels in Toulouse should definitely take the opportunity and soak up this amazing atmosphere.

Apartment Hotels in Toulouse close to the Capitole
Image: Capitole in Toulouse

Restaurants in Toulouse

Even though our apartment hotels in Toulouse come with fully equipped kitchens, we know from experience that many people also want to check out the restaurants in Toulouse. Toulouse is famous for its fine cuisine and its restaurants do an excellent job in providing high-quality food at a very fair price. Experience the famous southern french cuisine, with its specialties cassoulet and confit de canard. We recommend all our guests in our apartment hotels in Toulouse to check out the following restaurants in Toulouse:

La Taverne Bavaroise

This restaurant is very centrally located. It offers Bavarian and French specialties to the guests in our apartment hotels in Toulouse. This restaurant is highly recommendable especially if you want to eat mussels. The fish in the Taverne Bavaroise is also on the top of the list. This restaurant is definitely a good pick for both lunch and dinner.

Address: 59 Boulevard De Strasbourg
Telephone: +33 05 61 21 54 46
Website: TripAdvisor

La Maison Drôle

The Cafe La Maison Drôle is another centrally located restaurant, which we want to recommend to everyone staying in our apartment hotels in Toulouse. The restaurant offers brunches, Frensh cuisine and traditional southern French cuisine. Accordingly, we recommend this restaurant to everyone in our apartment hotels in Toulouse willing to experience the local cuisine. Bon Appetit!

Address: 2 rue Joutx Aigues
Telephone: +33 9 51 81 24 62

Doing Groceries in Toulouse

If you feel like cooking in the fully equipped kitchen of one of the apartment hotels in Toulouse, all you need to do is buy the right ingredients. Toulouse has a great infrastructure with lots of supermarkets, bakeries and butchers. Most ingredients you need you will find in these grocery stores. However, in order to check out regional ingredients and get in touch with locals we highly recommend all guests in our apartment hotels in Toulouse to check out one of the many markets. In particular, Marche St. Sernin is a great market to buy all the ingredients you need.

Marche St. Sernin

The Marche St. Sernin market is located not far away from the Capitole in Toulouse right by the Basilique St. Sernin. Business travelers and tourists staying in our apartment hotels in Toulouse should definitely check out this market if they feel like buying regional ingredients. Lots of food stands will offer different food ranging from fruits to vegetables and from meat to cheese.

Address: Place Saint Sernin

Activities near the apartment hotels in Toulouse

Guests in our apartment hotels in Toulouse, be they business travelers or tourists, want to plan lots of activities in Toulouse. In Toulouse you can plan lots of different activities. In order to give you an impression of what you could do in Toulouse, we highly recommend the following activities, next to the already mentioned activities.

A cruise along the river Garonne

As already mentioned, the river Garonne offers the great opportunity to relax along the river. If guests in our apartment hotels in Toulouse want to experience the river in a special manner, we highly recommend choosing one of the river cruises. One of the best cruise operators is Bateaux Toulousains!

Rugby Game in Toulouse

Next to football, Rugby is a very famous sports discipline in France. Toulouse can be deemed one of the French capitals of Rugby. Stade Toulousaine is one of the most successful rugby clubs. As everyone in Toulouse is crazy for Rugby, we highly recommend everyone staying in our apartment hotels in Toulouse to watch out a rugby game in the stadium. It is a great experience!