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Apartment Hotels in Berlin

Derag Livinghotel Großer Kurfürst

From 77 € / Night
The Living Hotel in Berlin is one of the best apartment hotels in Berlin. Located close to the museum island in the center of Berlin, you will be able to reach the city’s hotspots in no time. Book now on Apartment Hotels Europe!
Adagio Berlin Kurfürstendamm

From 62 € / Night
The Adagio Berlin Kurfürstendamm is a very comfortable apartment hotel in Berlin. Located close to the famous shopping street Kurfürstendamm, you will be able to reach any point in the city in an easy and fast manner due to its central location!
Derag Livinghotel Henriette

From 62 € / Night
The Living Hotel Berlin Mitte is a very cosy apartment hotel in Berlin. Due to its central location right by the museum island in Berlin, guests in the apartment hotel in Berlin will be able to see Berlin’s landmarks at their doorstep!
Derag Livinghotel Königin Luise

From 47 € / Night
The Living Hotel Weißensee is an apartment hotel in Berlin located in Berlin Weissensee. If you prefer a green conference hotel, then this apartment hotel in Berlin is the place to go. You can easily reach the city center via public transport!

Berlin is different – that’s not just a saying, it is the truth. Berlin is by far the biggest German speaking city and combines culture, history and fun. Therefore, a city trip or business trip will be a great occasion for our guests in the apartment hotels in Berlin.

Great sights to see close to our apartment hotels in Berlin

Berlin was the capital of Prussia and the capital of Germany until the end of the second world war. After East and West Germany were reunited, Berlin became capital of Germany in 1990. The city’s history is accompanied by several landmarks, which are popular sights to see for visitors. These landmarks are the Brandenburger Gate, the Berlin Zoo, the Museum Island (which includes five museums and the protestant cathedral), the Holocaust Memorial (see image below), the Monument to Soviet Soldiers and the Europa center. The Berlin Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world, while the Europa center is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. If you want to gain further information on sightseeing in Berlin check out our blogpost about the Museum Island. Several apartment hotels in Berlin are located in close vicinity to the historic sights in Berlin.

Business travelers in the center of the business hub

Apart from Berlin’s cultural and historical importance, Berlin is also a city for business travelers staying in our apartment hotels in Berlin. Berlin can be deemed the startup capital of Europe. Lots of innovative startups and companies settle down in Berlin in order to benefit from each other and create synergies by being located closely to each other. That’s why both entrepreneurs and investors live in Berlin. Numerous of Europe’s most thrilling startups, such as Zalando or Number26, are headquartered in Berlin. Therefore, lots of business conferences on new technologies both in english and in german are also hosted in Berlin. For example, many of our guests in the apartment hotels in Berlin participated in the App Promotion Summit, which took place in November of 2014 and dealt with the challenges of app distribution. Several other conferences take place at regular intervals. If you are looking for specific conferences in Berlin, we highly recommend checking them out on Chances are that you will meet innovative business people on these conferences. If you feel like holding a meeting with potential business partners, feel free to book a meeting room in one of the apartment hotels in Berlin.

A great city for long-stay guests in the apartment hotels in Berlin

Private tourists as well as business travelers who stay in Berlin for a longer time may want to experience Berlin’s great and affordable regional and international cuisine. Furthermore, nighthawks in our apartment hotels in Berlin will love the city’s nightlife – this city never sleeps and provides 24/7 entertainment. Long-stay guests in the apartment hotels in Berlin will find it easy to meet new people in the city of Berlin, since Berliners are known to be very open-minded. Furthermore, the aparthotels in Berlin, which are listed on this platform, facilitate connecting with other guests staying in the respective apartment hotel in Berlin.

Apartment hotels in Berlin holocaust monument

Image: Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

Restaurants in Berlin

Some guests in our apartment hotels in Berlin enjoy preparing their home-made food in the kitchen of their serviced apartment after a long day of work or sightseeing. Still, many also feel like checking out the restaurants in Berlin. Many  Berlin has a great variety of local and international restaurants. The good thing about Berlin is that great quality comes at a good price. We have some recommendations for the guests in our apartment hotels in Berlin:

Konnopke’s Imbiss

Konnopke’s Imbiss serves German sausages. We recommend our guests in the apartment hotels in Berlin to try the German curry wurst. If you feel like sitting, Konnopke’s imbiss is equipped with a heated pavillon. Highly recommendable!

Address: Schönhauser Allee 42
Metro Stop: Eberswalder Straße (M1, M10)
Tel: +49 30 4427765
Website: Konnopke’s Imbiss

Cafe Jacques

If you prefer international cuisine, Cafe Jacque is definitely a good pick. French and north-african dishes are served. Prices of the main course range from 12 to 20 Euros. From experience we know that many guests in our apartment hotels in Berlin love this restaurant!

Address: Maybachufer 14
Metro Stop: Schönleinstraße (U8), Görlitzer Bahnhof (U1)
Tel: +49 30 694 1048

If you want more information on eating out in Berlin, check our blogpost: Great Places to Eat in Berlin

Doing Groceries in Berlin

If you feel like cooking in the kitchen in one of the apartment hotels in Berlin, all you need to do is get the right ingredients for your favorite meal. There are various supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, etc. in Berlin. Furthermore, there are also various markets. Guests in our apartment hotels in Berlin will find it easy to find a food store or supermarket. Still, we want to point out the turkish market in Neukölln  (BiOriental):

Bi-Oriental: Turkish Market

Here you can buy fresh fruits and vegetable next to orientalic spice and other ingredients – the perfect spot to buy the necessary ingredients for your homemade meal prepared in your aparthotel’s kitchen.

Activities during your stay in Berlin

Visit of the Berlin Zoo

The Berlin Zoo is one of the biggest in the world and is always worth a visit, especially if you book a family holiday in one of the apartment hotels in Berlin. It is open daily from 7am to 6pm. A great variety of different animals lives in the Zoo. After the visit of the Zoo we recommend going to the Aquarium, which is close by. For further information, feel free to check out the official webpage of the Berlin Zoo.

Visiting the museum island in Berlin

The museum island in Berlin is one of the city’s hotspots when it comes to touristical sights. Located on an island on the river Spree in the city center, two of our apartment hotels in Berlin (Derag Livinghotel Großer Kurfürst & Derag Livinghotel Henriette) are located only a stone throw away from the museum island in Berlin. Next to the Old Museum and the Lustgarten, the famous Berlin Cathedral is located on museum island. If you are further interested in the museum island, check out our blogpost about sightseeing on the museum island in Berlin.

Nightlife in Berlin

Berlin never sleeps. If you feel like catching up with someone, guests in our apartment hotels in Berlin should check out one of the numerous bars in the “Hackeschen Höfe”. Many of these bars offer live-music events. If you feel like clubbing, Berlin has a lot to offer. Berghain or Watergate are two of the most famous clubs.