Yes. We do not only offer apartments for business travelers, but also for private travelers. Many of our listings also offer apartment hotels for families and partially come with a second bedroom or separate sofa beds in the living areas.
The locations of the apartment hotels differ. According to your personal preferences, you can choose between aparthotels in the city centres and city's hotspots, in residential areas or in quiet green areas.
Apartment hotels provide accomodations for short and long term. Next to the services you would expect in a "normal" hotel, apartment hotels also come with other facilities, such as fully equipped kitchens in the apartments, that will make you feel homely, even if you stay for a longer period of time.
Apartment Hotels Europe combines various options for travelers who either want to stay for a longer or a shorter period of time. Our diverse offers of apartment hotels enhance your flexibility and ensures that you will find an apartment hotel, which is perfectly matched with your individual needs.
Our ambitious team of Apartment Hotels Europe consists of experienced people from the hotel industry and various online industries. It is our goal to ensure great flexibility and a great spectrum of options with regards to high-quality apartment hotels. Our vast network among aparthotels in all over Europe guarantees that you will strike the best deals when it comes to booking your apartment hotel.


Of course! We are aware of the fact that long-stay business travelers sometimes struggle finding the right apartment hotel suited to their individual needs. That's why we offer the service of our Apartment Agents, who will find the best match between your individual needs and the apartment hotels' characteristics within 48 hours. Of course, this service is free of charge.
No. You only receive a booking confirmation directly from the apartment hotel itself.
Yes. The prices we offer on the booking pages are guaranteed.
You can only cancel your booking directly in collaboration with the respective apartment hotels. Accordingly, you will receive instructions on the cancellation procedure after having booked your stay. Apartment Hotel Europe is always happy to help in case questions regarding to cancellation arise.
Your booking will be directly forwarded to the respective apartment hotel. This ensures that the apartment hotels know you period of stay and apartment of choice.
No. Apartment Hotel Europe does not charge any fees. You will strike the best deals on various apartment hotels with no extra costs involved.


We actually do not use our own booking engine and you therefore have to use your own. As we offer only direct online bookings to our customers this is the only way to receive bookings. That means no additional work for you and direct contact for your guests.
The price of the listing depends on your needs. We provide several options for being listed on Apartment Hotels Europe and are more than happy to discuss your options with you individually. Contact us via info@apartmenthotels.com or become a member.
We are happy to collaborate with operators of apartment hotels. Feel free to visit our become a member page or drop us a line (info@apartmenthotelseurope.com).