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Adagio Geneve Mont Blanc

From 146 € / Night
The Adagio Geneve Mont Blanc is a wonderful apartment hotel in Geneva. Due to its central location this aparthotel is perfectly suitable for tourists, expats and business travelers. Make the most out of your stay in the Adagio Geneve Mont Blanc!

Geneva: A city with a marvelous scenery

Geneva is the second most populated city in Switzerland (after Zurich) with a population of around 196.000 inhabitants and is the biggest city in the french speaking part of Switzerland. It is located right next to the Lake Geneva and surrounded by two mountain chains: the Alps and the Jura. Guests in our apartment hotels in Geneva will be able to breath in this amazing atmosphere. On a day off, we highly recommend everyone staying in our apartment hotels in Geneva to head outside of town to hike the mountains in summer or go to the lake to relax a bit.

A hotspot for international organizations: Apartment Hotels in Geneva

Even though Geneva is relatively small in terms of population, it is a global city. This is mainly due to the fact that many international organizations, such as many agencies of the United Nations, the CERN and the Red Cross, have their headquarters in Geneva. It is the city with the highest density and number of international organizations in the world. The Geneva Conventions of 1949, which concern the treatment of prisoners of war and non-combatants, emphasize the importance of Geneva in the arena of diplomacy. Therefore, many guests in our apartment hotels in Geneva work for diplomatic or other international organizations. There is one thing for sure: In Geneva business travelers will always find something to do!

High Quality of Living: Apartment Hotels in Geneva

Furthermore, Geneva is a very important financial city. The Global Financial Centres Index ranked Geneva the ninth most important financial centre in the world. That is the reason why many business travelers from the financial world stay in our apartment hotels in Geneva. It is also a very lively city for expats. It is the city with the third highest quality of life for expats behind Vienna and Zurich. Guests in our apartment hotels in Geneva – be they tourists, expats or business travelers, will also be able to experience this from first hand.

Apartment Hotels in Geneva close to Lake Geneva

Image: Geneva – located on the shore of Lake Geneva

Restaurants in Geneva

Even though the apartments in our apartment hotels in Geneva all come with fully equipped kitchens, many guests feel like going out for dinner. We know from experience that many business travelers staying in our apartment hotels in Geneva take the opportunity to have a business lunch in one of the numerous restaurants. Geneva’s restaurants have a lot to offer. You can discover regional as well as international cuisine. We have some recommendations for guests staying in our apartment hotels in Geneva:

Café Papon

Café Papon is known for its local, seasonal cuisine. Its situation in the Old Town provides a great setting to all our guests in the apartment hotels in Geneva. In the summer month the terrace opens and we highly recommend to book your seat well in advance if you want to sit and eat outside! This restaurant is definitely a good pick, as guests in our apartment hotels in Geneva have the opportunity to meet up with friends or colleagues in an amazing atmosphere.

Adress: Rue Henri Fazy 1
Tel: +41 223115428
Website: Café Papon

Le Reservoir

Le Reservoir is a scenic brasserie and wine bar with an mediterranean cuisine with an Italian influence. Local fish from Lake Geneva is served as well as Beef tartare or pasta. Guests in our apartment hotels in Geneva will be amazed by Le Reservoir’s specialties! We highly recommend to check out this restaurant yourself!

Adress: Boulevard Saint-Georges 62
Tel: +41 22 3206803
Website: Le Reservoir

Doing Groceries in Geneva

If you want to get your ingredients for a home-made meal in the fully equipped kitchens in one of the apartment hotel in Geneva, you can visit one of the numerous supermarkets, butchers and bakeries. The wide selection of ingredients makes sure that you can find any ingredient you can think of in one of these grocery stores. However, we want to highlight the market Plainpalais Farmers Market, the most famous farmers market in Geneva. If you feel like using regional ingredients while cooking in one of the apartment hotels in Geneva, you should definitely check out this market.

Plainpalais Farmers Market

The market is located in close vicinity to the city center and is open on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at Plaine de Plainpalais. If you want to experience fresh and high quality food from local farmers for your home-made meal in the kitchen in one of the apartment hotels in Geneva, the Plainpalais Farmers Market is the place to go. Apart from typical food from the farms you will also find fish and snacks on the Plainpalais Farmers Market.

Activities near the apartment hotels in Geneva

You can do lots of things in and around Geneva. As already mentioned, the city offers a high quality of living to the guests in our apartment hotels in Geneva. This is not only due to Geneva’s great infrastructure, but also due to its great location close to the Lake Geneva and the Alps. We highly recommend guests in our apartment hotels in Geneva to take advantage of the following activities during their stay.

A day at Lake Geneva

If the weather is nice, spend a day outside at Lake Geneva. You’ll experience beautiful parks, ice vendors, and benches by the river to rest. If you feel like making a boat ride, book one of the boat tours to enjoy the beautiful view on the city and the Alps. Especially business travelers staying in our apartment hotels in Geneva will love this opportunity to get a little distraction and relaxation from their stressful work life.

Visit of the Patek Philippe Museum

Switzerland is the country of watches. Watch-aficionados staying in our apartment hotels in Geneva will love the Patek Philippe Museum, where you will be able to experience the process of producing a watch, historic anecdotes as well as different types of watches. Furthermore, everyone staying in our apartment hotels in Geneva will also get a glance at the famous watch-producing family Patek. Get more information here.