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101 Tips for Business Travelers

Obviously, business trips do not have a lot in common with private holidays. Business travelers tend to be very busy, as they have to get lots of things done in a limited period of time. That is the reason why business travelers have to be very aware of the fact that they have to spend their free time wisely and make the most out of their stay away from home. As Apartment Hotels Europe is serving lots of business travelers, we want to give 101 tips for business travelers on how to stay energetic during your business trip.

Traveling for business has its downsides

When talking with non-frequent business travelers about traveling for professional purposes, you will experience that most of the time people mostly see the nice parts of working away from your hometown. You get to see new places, you meet new people and you get to know a new environment. It is true that business trips give you the opportunity not to only grow professionally, but also as a person. However, business trips also have its downsides. You’ll experience lots of stress, you have to plan ahead wisely and let go of your routines. That is the reason why you should stick to the following 101 tips for business travelers to make the most out of your business trip.

Tip for Business Travelers I: “Make the first step”

Social relations always play a role. And once you spend time in a new city you have to make sure to get along well with the people you spend time with, i.e. your co-workers, people staying in your hotel, etc. When you are new in a team proactively approach your new colleagues, invite them for a coffee or ask them out for an afterwork drink. This will improve your standing and you will feel integrated into the new team very quickly.

Tip for Business Travelers II: “Get to know the city and its people”

It is likely that you will have to do a lot of work in a limited period of time when you are on a business trip. In other words, you have to get things done. However, do not forget to also make some private experiences. Make sure to do small sightseeing tours (e.g. sightseeing tours in Berlin for business travelers) or eat at a local restaurant. A good idea would be to ask a local person (e.g. a co-worker) to show you his favorite spots of the city. It is important that your business trip is only dedicated to actual work, as it should also provide lots of fun and great new experiences.

Tip for Business Travelers III: “Don’t forget about your home routines”

As already pointed out, efficiency counts when you are on a business trip – independent of the length of your stay. Business trips always provide room for distraction. In order to stay productive make sure to follow your home routines. If you usually do sports in the morning, make sure to do so too during your business trip. If you like to read a book before going to bed, make sure to bring your favorite bestsellers with you. It’s all about remaining in your comfort zone when it comes to your routines and getting out of it when you do something new. And that’s easier said than done!

Tip for Business Travelers IV: “Try to find a home away from home”

When you are on a business trips – especially on long ones – you have to make sure that you feel home when leaving work. Casual hotels do not provide this kind of homely feeling due to a lack of personal space. And that’s where we come into play. At Apartment Hotels Europe we provide serviced apartments specifically for business travelers. These serviced apartments offer everything you need during your business trip. Living areas to chill out after a long day at work, fully equipped kitchens for your home-made meal and cosy bedrooms. Apart from that the apartment hotel providers often offer laundry and business services as well as fitness and wellness areas. In many of the hotels you can even rent meeting rooms.

Another option would be to check out AirBnB. This is particular popular to business travelers who want to get in contact with locals, while at apartment hotels you will get in touch with business travelers with the same needs. This is the reason why we think that apartment hotels can be a great alternative to AirBnB for business.

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