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What to expect from Apartment Hotels in 2015

Apartment Hotels Europe in 2015

Apartment Hotels are known to become more and more popular among private travelers, while business travelers often prefer aparthotels over normal hotels in order to increase their privacy on their stay away from home. Even though challenges are ahead, decent predictions exist for the owners of apartment hotels. We’ll have a look on what you as a guest can expect from an apartment hotel in 2015.

Apartment Hotels are known to have a very luxurious and modern image. The main aim of the operators of apartment hotels is to make the stay of the individual guests an outstanding one. Our prospects on 2015 on the service of apartment hotels are based on the findings of Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Recovery from the crisis

While 2014 was already a good year in comparison to 2013, the hotel industry will be even stronger 2015. Especially, Southern European countries catch up and occupancies will rise as well. With more guests staying in various apartment hotels, new challenges for apartment hotels will come up.

Increased fulfillment of individual needs

The customer is king – that’s not just a saying, it is of utmost importance for apartment hotel chains. Apartment Hotels are not only dealing with short-term, but also with long-term guests, who have different needs. While tourist’s aim more to discover the city, long-stay guests, such as business people, long for a life within the apartment hotel. That’s why many apartment hotels offer casual hotel rooms as well as luxurious and modern serviced apartments including kitchen, balcony, terrace, etc.

Increased service

Service also plays an important role. On the one hand, long-term tourists appreciate a good service obtained from the apartment hotel. One of our partner hotel chains, DERAG Livinghotels, therefore, offers free grocery service and laundry service in various apartment hotels. This makes the lives of business people who stay in the respective apartment hotel for a couple of weeks much easier. On the other hand, packages for weekend tourist also play an important roles. That’s why DERAG Livinghotels offers various deals to families, couples, etc. based on the season.

Increased technological focus

A new generation of technology-affine guests is popping up. The biggest trend in 2015 will be towards increased technology. Nowadays, a good WiFi connection is a must for any apartment hotel. Based on that, guests also want to communicate through their mobile devices – in particular, even with other guests in the apartment hotel. That’s why social networks particularly for apartment hotel chains may come up in 2015 in order to facilitate the communication between the guests in the apartment hotel, who then can do things together in their home away from home.

What’s going to happen with Apartment Hotels Europe?

2015 is going to be an exciting year for Apartment Hotels Europe. After almost a year of operating Apartment Hotels Europe, our concept is proven and more Apartment Hotel Chains are willing to cooperate with us. At the very beginning of 2015 we will substantially increase the number of apartment hotels available on our platform. If you are an owner of an apartment hotel or even an aparthotel chain, feel free to contact us via or list your property. We’re excited to face the challenges of 2015!