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Christmas Time in German Speaking Countries

Apartment Hotels Europe Christmas in Germany

Only one month left and it’s christmas time. While most of the people spend christmas at home with their family, some may not have the chance to go home due to other obligations or take a holiday during christmas time. Of course, our featured apartment hotels provide their services also during the christmas holidays. That’s why we want to bring christmas traditions in the german speaking countries a little closer to our guests in our featured apartment hotels.

Christmas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Christmas is a big thing in the german speaking world – be it in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. In the whole month of december, everyone feels that christmas is coming. Christmas markets, christmas lights and the cold weather create a special atmosphere in german speaking cities, such as Vienna, Berlin or Munich. If you are interested in christmas markets in one of our apartment hotels’ destinations, take a closer look at one of our past blog posts about christmas markets in Vienna. Smaller cities, such as Nuremberg, are also well-known for their neat christmas markets.

The Advent

The Advent is known as the month before christmas. At the beginning of this month, lots of christmas cookies are served and consumed. Usually, in each household an advent wreath with 4 candles is placed.  On each sunday during this month, one of the candles is lighted. Traditionally, on the 24th of december all four candles are lighted. Another tradition during advent is the advent calendar. It was originally designed to involve children in the festivities leading up to christmas. One advent calendar consists of 24 “windows”. One of each windows is opened from the 1st of december onwards. Advent calendars mainly contain chocolate candies, but sometimes also small toys. During advent you will also be able to soak up the christmas atmosphere in your apartment hotel of choice.

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas day is celebrated on December 6th. The evening before children place their cleaned shoes in front of the doors and hope that Saint Nicholas will place candies, nuts and fruits in their shoes. It is said that if they behaved well and their shoes are cleaned, their wishes will become true. In the rare case that children caused mischief, they will only receive a switch, which symbolizes punishment for their bad deeds. If you are on a holiday with your family, the staff in our featured apartment hotels is happy to help you finding out how and where to celebrate Saint Nicholas Day with your kids.

Christmas eve

On christmas eve, the christmas tree is usually decorated and christmas songs are sung. After that christmas presents are exchanged. This is a special moment for children, who believe that these presents were brought by the christkind (engl. christ child, synonymous to Santa Claus in other countries). Usually, they receive the presents they put on their wish-list, which is picked up by the christkind. Again, if the children behaved well, the christkind will fulfill their wishes. Religious families, be they catholic or protestants, usually attend church during the night. Traditionally the mass takes place at midnight. If you stay in one of our apartment hotels during christmas eve, you will certainly be able to enjoy nicely decorated christmas trees in the lobbies of the aparthotels.

Christmas days

Both the 25th and 26th of December are holiday. Usually, families meet up on the first christmas day to celebrate christmas together. Usually, a menu, including goose, turkey or rabbits is served. The second christmas day is usually a quieter one. If you do not spend the christmas days with your family due to private or professional obligations, the staff in our featured apartment hotels will assist you in planning your day. There are still lots of things to do in the various destinations of our apartment hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Spending the christmas days in an apartment hotel in the German Speaking Countries

If you spend christmas time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you for sure want to spend it in a modern and relaxed atmosphere. We offer the best apartment hotels in these countries. We kindly ask you to check them out here. Our featured apartment hotels will provide a great atmosphere during christmas, for both business and private travelers.