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The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna

Apartment Hotels Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna

After Conchita Wurst’s glamorous win of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Austria will host the Eurovision Song Contest this year. The venue will be the Wiener Stadthalle. The semi-finals will take place on May 19th and on May 21st. The final will take place on May 23rd. 39 countries will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Apartment Hotels Europe wants to take a closer look behind the scenes of this event.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015: Hosted close to the apartment hotels in Vienna

With around 100 million spectators each year the Eurovision Song Contest is traditionally one of the most popular TV-Entertainment Shows. But not only the TV spectators love the Eurovision Song Contest, also the hosting cities go crazy. As already pointed out, 39 countries will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. In order to show the magnitude of this event, Apartment Hotels Europe will provide you with a deeper look on the organization of the song contest.

The Wiener Stadthalle – the official venue of the Eurovision Song Contest

Already 6 weeks before the Eurovision Song Contest will take place, the Wiener Stadthalle, the venue where the event is going to be hosted, will be arranged towards the event’s needs. Modern technology on the stage, technical facilities for several TV broadcasters from all across the globe, the preparation of seats for 14.500 spectators justify this lead time. Given the fact that the first rehearsals will already take place on May 11th, the stage hands including numerous volunteers will have to work hard. If you have tickets for the official event, you can easily reach the Stadthalle via metroline U6, metro stop “Stadthalle”.

Eurovision Village on the Rathausplatz

However, not only the preparation of the Stadthalle has to be pointed out. The Eurovision Village will be built on the Rathausplatz in the first district (square in front of the townhall). This will be the main attraction for Song Contest fans prior to the event. Many  participants will perform live on stage, press conferences will be held there and DJs will drop some beats on the turntables. The Eurovision Village can be easily reached via metroline U2.

Eurovision Club

Next to the Eurovision Village, delegates and journalists will have the opportunity to gather together in the Eurovision Club in the Ottakringer Bräuerei. Logisitically, this is the perfect venue, as the Ottakringer Bräuerei is located very closely to the Stadthalle.

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We hope that you’ll enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest and its side events in Vienna!