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Living right next to the Museumsinsel in Berlin

Apartment Hotels in Berlin close to Museumsinsel Berlin Europe

The Museumsinsel (engl. museum island) in Berlin is the most northern part of the so-called Spreeinsel, an island situated in the river Spree. Lots of museums and impressive buildings are located on this island and Apartment Hotels Europe features two apartment hotels in Berlin in close vicinity to the Museuminsel. In this blogpost we want to present, why an acommodation in the area of the Museumsinsel is beneficial for both business and private travelers.

Museumsinsel: A cultural hotspot in Berlin

The Museumsinsel (engl. museum island) is one of Berlin’s hotspots in close vicinity to our apartment hotels in Berlin. In an historic context, this island has made an interesting development. The museum island has always been a place of art and science. In 1822 the old museum was built on the island and housed the royal Antikensammlung, which contains thousands of ancient archaeological artefacts from the ancient Greek, Roman, Etruscan and Cypriot civilizations. After 1918 the museum’s collection of art were converted into a public foundation. Interestingly, these collections became separated during the cold war but were reunited after the fall of the iron curtain in 1989.

The Old Museum, Lustgarten and Berlin City Palace

Next to the old museum, the Lustgarten (engl. “pleasure garden”) is located on the Museumsinsel. Originally, it was part of the City Palace Berlin, which is also located on the Museum Island. It is known as a green oasis in the center of Berlin, where guests in our apartment hotels in Berlin find a nice spot to relax. It has often been used as a place for a parades and mass rallies. Still, most people from Berlin enjoy the green atmosphere in the park and use it as a spot to take a break and get distraction from their workplaces. The Berlin City Palace was the winter residence of the kings of Prussia and subsequently of the emperors of Germany. During world war II, bombings severely damaged the palace and, consequently, it was demolished in the 1950s. After the reunification of Germany, part of the exterior was rebuilt in order to conserve the historic atmosphere of the Museumsinsel.

Berlin Cathedral: One of Berlin’s Landmarks

The Berlin Cathedral is another touristical sight on Museumsinsel in close vicinity to our listed apartment hotels in Berlin. The construction of the cathedral was finished in 1905 and is representative for the so-called “Kaiserzeit” (engl. German empire”). Interestingly, the cathedral has never been a cathedral in the original sense, as it has never been a seat of a bishop. Still, it is one of Berlin’s best-known cathedrals, not only due to its impressive appearance but also due to its public importance.

Two apartment hotels in Berlin in close vicinity to the Museumsinsel

Apartment Hotels Europe features two very comfortable and modern apartment hotels in Berlin in close vicinity to the Museumsinsel. We are confident that you will have a pleasant stay at the Derag Livinghotel Großer Kurfürst and Derag Livinghotel Henriette and enjoy the museum island to its fullest. As you can imagine, both business and private traveler will have the great opportunity to get to know one of Berlin’s touristical hotspots in no time. We wish you a pleasant stay!