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Nuremberg – always worth visiting

Nuremberg Apartment Hotels

Nuremberg is one of the lesser known German cities and information on this city for visitors is quite vague. Located in the Northern part of the state of Bavaria, the region itself is called Franconia, Nuremberg has a lot to offer for private and business travelers staying in our apartment hotel in Nuremberg. In this blog entry we want to bring the city of Nuremberg a little closer to our guests of our featured apartment hotels.

Activities for people staying in Nuremberg

Even though Nuremberg is not that well known compared to other german cities, people staying in our apartment hotel in Nuremberg will not get bored. For touristic purposes Apartment Hotels Europe recommends to benefit from the NürnbergCard, which is available for only 23 Euros. With this travel pass you receive entrance to all museums and it also includes free usage of public transport for 2 days. Nuremberg hosts 7 different museums – from historic and artistic to contemporary ones.

Visiting the Deutsche Bahn Museum

Nuremberg is a railway town at heart. The first trains in Germany were running between Nuremberg and Furth. Therefore, Apartment Hotels Europe recommends to visit the Deutsche Bahn Museum. This museum explores the history of Germany’s railway system. Even if guests in our apartment hotel in Nuremberg are not big fans of the evolution of the railway system, we are confident that they will like this interactive museum. An area especially designed for children will also make your kids happy, especially if you plan a family holiday to Nuremberg!

The Kaiserburg – Nuremberg’s main landmark

The Kaiserburg (engl. emperor’s castle) is the landmark of the city of Nuremberg, not far away from our apartment hotel in Nuremberg. The complex was constructed in the 12th century and it took another 4 centuries till all the side complexes were built. Today, the Kaiserburg consists of three parts: the Emperor’s Palace, the City Fortress and the Count’s residence, which was massively destroyed in the beginning of the 15th century. We highly recommend to go to the Kaiserburg to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view over Nuremberg and to visit the interior of the complex.

Nuremberg’s Old Town close to the apartment hotel in Nuremberg

Last but not least, Nuremberg’s old town is known to be very beautiful. The heart of the old town is the Hauptmarkt (engl. Main Market), where you will also be able to visit the Gothic Pfarrkirche (engl. Gothic church). On the square you will also be able to spot the 19m tall Schöner Brunnen (engl. Beautiful Fountain), which is the replica of the original one which was destroyed in the 14th century.

Business travelers staying in the apartment hotel in Nuremberg

For business travelers staying in our apartment hotel in Nuremberg, the city has also a lot to offer. The headquarter of the multinational sports apparel Adidas is located in Herzogenaurach, a couple of kilometers outside of Nuremberg. Apart from that, the banking and insurance industry is of major importance in the city of Nuremberg. Furthermore, Faber Castell and Puma are also headquartered in Nuremberg and Siemens has a lot of divisions in this city.

Apartment hotel in Nuremberg

Apartment Hotels Europe so far features one apartment hotel in Nuremberg. The Derag Livinghotel Maximilian is located close to the old town and only a few minutes of walking away from the city centre. It is one of the most comfortable serviced aparthotels we have on our list. Apartment Hotels wishes you a pleasant stay!